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Clarity in the strategy and Efficiency in the execution of the communication promote Harmony and consequent Connection between who communicates and who receives the message.

With assertive planning and strategy, in line with the business objectives of each client, we build, through the press, authority in the respective areas of activity.

From the strategic aspects of Institutional and Commercial communication, we produce content aimed at managing your company's reputation and brand, and content aimed at the business, which, in an integrated manner, promote effective results in connecting with target audiences, and return on investment in the medium and long term.

Optimizing the time of company spokespersons in conducting the communication process is a basic premise of our work.

Based on a thorough study of the client's business and market, together with our expertise, we proactively work on building content, suggesting guidelines, producing releases and capturing opportunities in the press, based on communication planning. approved, not depending only on the client's demands to perform the proposed service.

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