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Based on the idea of the “Q code”, our mission is to:

“Communicate transparently, objectively and assertively, generating lasting connections between people and companies” 

We believe thattransparencyandclarityin communication promotesconnectionandtunebetween the person communicating and the person receiving the message. 

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Optimizing the time of spokesperson health professionals in conducting the communication process is a basic premise of our work.

Based on the detailed analysis of the information collected, we proactively work on building content and defining strategies for digital media, suggesting guidelines, producing releases and capturing opportunities in the press, based on communication planning.

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Generating connection through communication and promoting the building of lasting relationships between companies and people is our mission. 

We believe in planning and strategy to communicate clearly and assertively, with presence and balance, generating visibility with content. 

Valuing the time that each client has with us is a basic premise of our relationship. As well as optimizing the customer's time, being present, attentive and delivering solutions proactively and effectively.

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