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Marketing encompasses a broader view of the business of companies, and allows for more assertive and integrated communication planning, with the definition of results to be achieved.

Thus, Legal Marketing involves aligning the image and business objectives of law firms, taking into account important aspects of the entire chain of services offered (Institutional; Commercial; ESG, etc.), and deep knowledge of the markets for performance, specialties, and respective target audiences.

the service ofQ Legal Marketingcount with:

  • Expertise from more than8 years of performancein communication and the judiciary;

  • service ofover 100 law firmsover 8 years;

  • Knowledgeof the legal market;

  • Knowledge of reading legal decisionsfor the production of journalistic and informative content in the various specialties of the judiciary;

  • Follow-upinformation about proceedings and judgments in regional courts and superior courts, councils and regulatory agencies for dissemination in the press and digital media;

  • relationship withnational, regional and specialized press.

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