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According to the “Digital 2022 April Global Statshot Report” survey, the most used social networks in Brazil are: WhatsApp (165 mi), YouTube (138 mi), Instagram (122 mi), Facebook (116 mi), TikTok (73 mi). .5 mi), Messenger (65.5 mi), LinkedIn (56 mi), Pinterest (30 mi), Twitter (19 mi), and finally Snapchat (7.6 mi).

Every day, users are bombarded with countless contents and marketing actions. 

Therefore, it is essential to have digital media management planned and aligned with your company's purposes and objectives. 

Branding your position in the online environment is valuable in the process of building your company's reputation and gaining credibility in the market. 

TO COMMUNICATEwithCLARITYandSTRATEGYits business vision within digital platforms is a need and not just another channel, as when the main means of communication was offline.


AQ offers specialized services in the universe of digital media management:

- Analysis and Diagnosis of current networks 
- Planning 
- Content and image management;
- Creation of graphic pieces, videos and other formats;
- Organic traffic management;
- Paid traffic management;
- Planning and execution of launch campaigns 
- Monitoring and analysis of metrics

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